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Dubai: The mercury might peak at high 40s — even at 49C in some places — in the coming days, but residents in coastal areas will be spared, although high relative humidity will contribute to people’s discomfort.

As summer progresses, parts of UAE will once again experience sweltering heat especially in interior regions. Mezaira, a town in Liwa, is expected to have its maximum temperature jump to 49C on Monday and Tuesday while neighbouring areas in the western region like Owtaid will have 47C to 48C till Tuesday, data from the National Centre of Meteorology show.

The mercury will hover in the 43C and 42C range in Dubai on Monday and Tuesday, 46C in Abu Dhabi on the same days, and 44C to 45C in Sharjah. Relative humidity will be more than 80 per cent in Dubai and Sharjah on both days, however.

Fujairah’s maximum temperature will be in the high 30s, reaching 37C, but the general feeling of stickiness will prevail due to a relative humidity of 95 per cent on Monday and 94 per cent on Tuesday.

Temperature peaks between 12pm and 3pm during the day hence residents are advised to stay indoors whenever possible. The country will have plenty of sunshine and clear skies. Winds might kick up dust in exposed areas.

Meanwhile, residents have been advised to take all necessary precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe in the heat. Cars left parked in the sun for long periods could pose dangers to residents, especially if flammable materials are left inside the vehicle.

How to keep cool in summer


1) Always use your car’s sunshades. If your car tint follows the old rule of 30 per cent, you can now get your car re-tinted and bump it up to 50 per cent.

2) Slide down one of your windows by a few centimetres (an inch will do) to prevent your car from overheating.

3) Opt for light-coloured seat covers that are not made from leather. Dark coloured materials absorb heat as does leather.


1) Don’t leave children or pets inside a parked car even if the engine is switched on. In summer, the temperature shoots up in the rst 30 minutes. Even when the ambient temperature is 32C, the interior can heat up to 42C in 10 minutes. A‚er 30 minutes, it could hit 56C.

In a Gulf News experiment in August last year, two doctors locked in a car parked under the sun showed that it only took 20 minutes for their bodies to heat up to unbearable proportions. These conditions can be lethal for kids and pets.

2) Do not leave aerosols, gaseous substances, lighters, perfumes, or any flammable materials in the car. Do not leave tissues on the dashboard or even water bottles.

3) Do not underinflate or overinflate your tyres. Follow the right tyre pressure as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

4) Don’t leave batteries and electronic devices in the car as they could get damaged due to the heat.

Source: Anil Thomas, Al Salama Fire Safety Training