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Little Alya says her new song 'Emirati' is an ode to the UAE. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Five year old Emirati girl Alya has released a new song titled ‘Emirati’ with Universal Music MENA ahead of UAE National Day.

Alya said the single is an ode to the UAE, conveying a feeling of unity and togetherness that this nation represents.

‘Emirati’ has been written and composed by Francis Henson while the arrangement and mastering was completed by Julius Danis.

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Alya was three years old when she discovered her passion for singing. Image Credit: Supplied

Alya also recorded a simple music video accompanying the track in which she can be seen in the studio performing the song.

‘Emirati’ is now available on all major platforms.

Discovering love for her music

Alya was three years old when she discovered her passion for singing and she creates her own lyrics. Last year, she was discovered by Universal Music MENA.

Alya, who is influenced by the artistic vibes in her family, said: “I love to sing and dance.”

She is a fan of YouTube channels which made her want her own channel. She asked her mother if she could do her own song.

Dubai is her favourite emirate, although her home is in Ras Al Khaimah. The city of Dubai has been inspirational for her first ever song title‘Going to Dubai’.

Alya dedicated her second track ‘Ard El Hob’ to her home country, the UAE, on the the previous UAE National Day.