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Navya Karapath Bhaskaran centre with her family Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The angelic voice of young Ajman-based singer, who suffers from cerebral palsy, swept the audience of the Synergy “Deterpreneure” event off their feet last week. Thirteen-year-old Navya Karapath Bhaskaran was invited as a “show stopper” performance at JSS Private School Dubai, and was one of many shows performed by people of determination at the event. The Synergy “Deterpreneure” event has been taking place annually since 2014 where it brings together students of determination from schools and universities across the UAE, teaching them about entrepreneurship and how to be determined entrepreneurs.

The event also hosts a number of acts and performances put together by students of determination. Alongside Navya, many determined performed songs and musicals as well as a lively magic show and dance recitals. They proved on stage the possibilities that open up with hard work and resilience.

Watch Navya’s moving performance:

Singer of determination delivers show stopping performance Roudha Mejren, Staff Reporter

Singing has built her confidence, says mother

Navya’s father Dr. Bhaskaran describes his daughter’s early years, “She was diagnosed [with cerebral palsy] when she was around two-years-old. She got her therapy initially and she’s now in school. Her older sister was studying music and then Navya heard it and started singing. That’s how we discovered her talents. She later began to study music at the age of 8 or 9.”

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Navya Karapath Bhaskaran Image Credit: Supplied

Her mother, Dr. Vandana Bhaskaran looks back on her daughter’s singing journey as well, “At the young age of three she was interested in listening to music. Singing has hugely built her confidence, and it makes her feel really happy.”

“I love singing and studying music. I also listen to music on YouTube [and other platforms]. I’m never tired of listening to music or singing, I’m only tired of studying math,” young Navya jokes.

Dr. Vandana says, “Navya is endowed with great qualities that takes her beyond the settings that nature has resigned her to, she strives and excels in what she is good at and derives enjoyment in demonstrating her singing talent which is a wonderment to the beholders. Once she is on stage she captures the attention of the audience instantly through her lucid and effortless speech, might be her instinctive way of reaching out to people creating a niche as a differently abled singer. She will continue to inspire and stand an example for other children of determination who have such potential that have to be fulfilled.”

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Navya during an appearance on Zee TV Image Credit: Supplied

Navya’s many achievements

During the Special Olympics 2019, Navya got to perform on stage behind singer and actress Keala Settle, known for her role in the musical The Greatest Showman.

Navya is also the grand winner of “The One” a reality singing show in the UAE produced by Artists Alive Talent Management. Navya was the winner of the ‘Below 18’ category in Season 2 of the show, receiving her grand prize in December 2019.

Her talents were also recognized outside of the UAE, where she came 3rd in the ‘Celebrity Experience’ competition in Los Angeles, California for the Monologue section.

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Navya accepting an award at one of many events where her performances have wowed the public Image Credit: Supplied

“In August 2019 we went to LA for the Celebrity Experience competition for around two weeks. It was our first time traveling to the United States. She came third place in the ‘Monologue’ section where she acted and preformed a scene. It was a really tough competition but she was really happy to be there. She was coached by a celebrity, Adrian R’Mante,” Navya’s mother says. “She was also selected to perform and sing at the competition.”

The Celebrity Experience, allows talented individuals to learn from the stars and perform with celebrities. R’Mante, Navya’s coach for the competition, is known for his roles in the Disney Chanel.

The competition was a great success, Navya’s mother says, “In fact, she even got a call back from a talent agent in LA wanting to sign her as an actress in a commercial.”

The thirteen year old has not allowed anything to hinder her journey, she has big dreams to be a singer as well as an actress in Bollywood and Hollywood.