The UAE is hosting the UN Police Commanders in Peacekeeping Operations in Abu Dhabi from September 14 to 17. The international workshop is being held in the UAE for the second consecutive year. Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: The UAE, represented by the Ministry of the Interior, is set to host the second international workshop on “Managing the Performance of UN Police Commanders in Peacekeeping Operations” in Abu Dhabi from 14th to 17th September.

The international workshop, which is hosted in the UAE for the second consecutive year, will feature key addresses from the UAE’ representative, United Nations officials, and prominent figures within the United Nations peace operations missions, from all over the world.

The workshop aligns with the UAE’s commitment, guided by its visionary leadership, to foster global gatherings and promote international cooperation. These endeavours stem from the belief in the pivotal role of the state in serving the international community, ultimately benefiting people worldwide. This includes strengthening global security, fortifying global peace and stability, and enhancing the nation’s standing and influence on the international stage.

The workshop tackles various aspects, such as developments in the performance and fundamental principles guiding the United Nations peacekeeping forces. These forces play a crucial humanitarian role across multiple regions and global hotspots, dedicated to serving humanity, addressing peace-related concerns, and facilitating the resolution of international conflicts among belligerent factions.

Moreover, the workshop explores avenues to bolster support from nations and international organisations, ensuring the sustainability and facilitation of peacekeeping operations.

Distinguished speakers at the workshop will tackle a number of topics, including the adaptation to changing operational environments for peacekeeping forces, opportunities for enhancing their effectiveness, challenges related to modernisation and development, and the establishment of operational benchmarks for performance evaluation.

Workshop on performance

Alexander Zuev, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Rule of Law and Security Institutions, said, “The second United Nations Police Commanders Workshop on Performance is an excellent opportunity for Heads of United Nations Police Components and United Nations Seniors to jointly consider the Secretary-General’s Quintet for Change through the United Nations Police lens. It aims at identifying options to utilize existing-, obtain or upskill personnel on specialized policing capabilities required in changing operating environments, as well as in the areas of data, innovation, strategic foresight, behavioral science, and - most importantly - results. The United Nations is grateful for the Government of the United Arab Emirates in hosting this important workshop.”

“Improving the performance of United Nations Police officers is integral to advancing the Secretary-General’s Action for Peacekeeping initiative, as well as to enhancing the UN’s capacity to prevent, manage and resolve conflict and to sustain peace. As part of their command responsibility, heads of United Nations Police components are expected to reinforce the United Nations Police’s contributions to the Organisation’s performance management framework, including the Comprehensive Planning and Performance and Assessment System,” United Nations Police Adviser Faisal Shahkar commented.

“The United Arab Emirates is a key partner for the United Nations Police, and we look forward to advancing this performance management dialogue at the United Nations Chiefs of Police Summit next year, which the UAE is also graciously supporting,” he added.