Scientists working on the Hope Probe
Scientists working on the Hope Probe Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Ahead of Monday morning’s Hope Probe launch in Japan, Gulf News spoke to local residents to find out what they thought of the Mars mission.

James Gosling, 44, British, Entrepreneur

James Gosling

Amid the pandemic situation, the 2019 Hope Probe Mission has put a smile on people’s faces and shows yet again that UAE is at the forefront of space exploration. It is a proud moment for UAE residents. Personally, I have always taken an interest in space with some of the early NASA missions when I was younger and I was glued to the TV watching the “Challenger” take off.

This is far more relevant as this is a UAE mission. An event of such magnitude gives students a sense of belonging as well and is mostly likely to trigger a love for space. The UAE and its leadership should be proud of its achievements.

Rizwan Sajan, Indian, Businessman

Rizwan Sajan

It’s definitely a proud moment for all of us in UAE as we will be the first Arab nation to reach the Red Planet. This will be a historic achievement, which will demonstrate the UAE’s space capabilities. I am confident that our scientists will continue to scale greater heights and win more laurels for the UAE in the field of space exploration. It does intrigue me to know more about our space and I am really excited to keep a tab on such missions inspired by the vision of this wonderful country.

Noveel Pandya, 35, Indian, Entrepreneur

Noveel Pandya

The UAE has always been an example of excellence thanks to the visionary leadership of the country. I feel immensely proud to be born and raised in the UAE and witness this momentous achievement of the Hope Probe Mission to Mars. I’ve always been fascinated by space and what lies beyond our planet. As a child I was keen to learn about our solar system and have always taken deep interest in the knowledge we’ve acquired. I’m a strong supporter of the UAE space missions and wish to contribute whichever way possible to be part of this historic event.

The Hope Probe Mission is a bold step to help us understand the Martian atmosphere and its analysis will enhance the scientific knowledge base of scientists in the UAE. For centuries, our neighbouring planet has kept us curious about the possibility of life forms and now we will be able to acquire the necessary information to make new discoveries.

Andrea Giovanni, 31, Italian, Fitness trainer

Andrea Giovanni

I am so proud of the way UAE has evolved in its quest to explore the space. The Hope Probe is such an ambitious mission which will study the dynamics of the Martian atmosphere. It is touted as the first true weather satellite at Mars that will provide a complete view of Martian atmosphere. I am so proud to be a resident of the UAE during such a historic launch.

I hope the UAE will also invest in researching into the medical field. There is so much to explore and dig deep here. I hope this will happen soon.

Francois Bezuidenhout, 18, South African, Student

Francois Bezuidenhout

I am so excited that the UAE is making history here. I am also delighted to see how the UAE has advanced in the last 49 years. Given the goal and ambition of the UAE and the advancement in technology the Emirates will reach new heights. More success, achievements to come through.

Shrey Kumar, 17, Indian, Student

Shrey Kumar

It is amazing that the UAE has come such a long way in space exploration and I am filled with pride having lived here for the majority of my life. Being a fond follower of astronomy, I have always read and heard about the various achievements accomplished by countries like the US, Russia. Witnessing what UAE is now setting out to do inspires me to follow my passion into astronomy.

Chris Humphrey, 48, Australian, Professional

Chris Humphrey

The UAE’s space programme continues to capture my attention, and the Hope Probe Mission presents an exciting new chapter for Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre. I watched with pride and amazement, the dramatic footage of Emirati astronaut Hazzaa Ali Almansoori’s dramatic return to earth after on his first mission to the International Space Station last year. Everybody in Dubai seemed to pause and hold their breath as the news presenter talked us through each stage of the return.

The UAE continues to push the boundaries of sustainable development, on earth and beyond! This latest quest to put the first weather satellite around Mars is possibly their most ambitious project yet. I think the residents and citizens of the UAE will look at this mission with a sense of hope and optimism. As our the countries leaders, despite the challenges we are facing now, continue to drive sustainable development and the technology that supports it.

Abdul Ahad Altaf, Pakistani, Student

Abdul Ahad Altaf

Going to Mars is incredible and rare! It is clearly an extraordinary mission and I am really appreciative of the aspiring Emiratis who have worked effortlessly for it. I wish UAE and its space team all the best, I am so excited about it personally!

It is an extreme honour and pride to be in the UAE, it is a nation of glory and has continued to grow from strength to strength. Being a student in the UAE is full of opportunities and it is just about grabbing one of those. Since I was born and brought up here in the UAE, the country holds a special place in my heart and I feel so delighted to see the country progress and succeed. This mission has inspired me to take a greater interest in our space explorations and astronomy in general.