Abdul said his life changed overnight because of the win Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A Pakistani computer engineer who has been living in Abu Dhabi for the past seven years has been revealed as the winner of Dh1 million in the latest weekly Mahzooz draw, which was held on June 24.

Abdul, father of two, has been participating in Mahzooz ever since it was introduced.

"The live draw on Saturdays is something I look forward to every week. Last Saturday night, I received a very special email from Mahzooz that gave me goosebumps. I couldn’t believe it at first, so I double checked my Mahzooz account to find my credit balance has gone up by Dh1 million," he said.

"After learning of my win, I shared the amazing news with my wife who had a similar reaction. That’s just unbelievable, and we are both very thankful for this early Eid gift."

The computer engineer works for a private company.

“Until yesterday, I was concerned about my family’s future. Look at me right now. The way Mahzooz changed my life overnight is simply unimaginable.”

Other winners

The same draw also saw 911 other participants take home Dh424,750 in prize money, split between the second and third prizes.