Abu Dhabi: The UAE will be the only Arab country to represent and give a lecture on the Arabian Saluki breed at a world congress.

The Saluki World Congress 2008, with 1,000 registered participants and 780 salukis showcased from 22 different countries, is to be held from June 26 to July 7 in Finland.

Hamad Al Ghanem, Registrar General and Director of the Arabian Saluki Center, will be representing UAE Arabian Saluki breed at the congress.

Ten other speakers, from countries including Germany, Norway, Finland, UK and the USA, will also deliver lectures.

The centre has been established in 2002 by Al Ghanem, a fifth generation breeder of the Arabian Salukis, with the support of the Emirates Falconers' Club. Together they have been working hard to raise public awareness of the Arabian Saluki, its preservation and the traditional way of the Arabian hunting as an essential part of cultural heritage.

Al Ghanem, will speak about the preservation of the pure bred Arabian Saluki and its importance in Arabian culture and heritage. Additionally, he will attend various panel discussions in which Saluki breeders will discuss and share their ideas about the breed's characteristics, its preservation for the future and breeding methods in general.

"I am very pleased that the Finnish Saluki Club has invited me to lecture during the Saluki World Congress 2008 in Helsinki. The recent months saw quite a few successful Arabian Saluki events taking place in countries such as the UK and Australia. The Arabian Saluki is a vital part of our proud cultural heritage and has found supporters and enthusiasts all over the world. I am delighted that today Saluki Clubs can be found in almost every country worldwide, even in the land of the Huskies," said Al Ghanem.