Lil and Maya
Lil and Maya Pariyar Image Credit: Facebook

Dubai: Lil Bahador Pariyar, a security guard at a Dubai school, was killed on Monday after he was run over by a car outside the school premises. He passed away while protecting school children from a speeding vehicle as they crossed the road.

Pariyar was a husband, father, brother and friend. “He loved his wife more than anything,” Dolly Solanki told Gulf News over the phone. Solanki is the current employer of Pariyar's wife, Maya.

Maya has been a domestic helper and nanny with Solanki’s family for the past seven years. “Pariyar has come by every year for the last seven years to pick up his wife over the weekend. He cared for her and treated her very well.”

Whenever there was a celebration like Diwali, Solanki would try and gift Pariyar money. He always refused and explained that he couldn’t take it. “He was never after money, quick wins or short cuts,” she told Gulf News. “He focused more on the other things, like honest work, kindness. “

Car ran over security guard UAS
Gulf News has a picture of the car that allegedly ran over Lil Bahador Pariyar, the security guard who died on Monday Image Credit: Gulf News/Supplied

Pariyar and Maya both share a son, a young teenager, who lives in Nepal. Pariyar also has a younger brother who works in Ajman.

The school has already contacted Solanki and informed her that a donation box has been placed in the registrar, to provide aid for his wife and younger brother who both live here in the UAE.

A source from the school told Gulf News: “We are grateful to all those of you who reached out to us with a desire to help Pariyar's family. As a result we have opened a custodial account called ”Lil’s Fund” here at the Universal American School. We will never be able to alleviate their suffering, but we can help."

“Every week for the past seven years, he would come by and pick up his wife. His wife was our nanny. Careful and loving and caring," recalled Solanki.

"He worked during the week and on weekends would always come by to see his wife. He made it a point to always say hello, ask about my family and always go the extra mile.

Lil made everyone feel special

“When I was hiring Maya seven years ago, Pariyar was there and he promised that he would never interfere with Maya's work and that our family would be her priority. They are both the same, hard workers, who are honest and loving people.

"At the moment Maya is broken. I don’t think she knows what to do next. She can’t believe that she now has to live in a world without him,” said Solanki.