Mohamed Magdy Hakami (centre) being honoured by Ajman Police for saving life of drowning boy Image Credit: Supplied

Ajman: An Egyptian expat has been honoured by Ajman Police for saving a nine-year-old boy from drowning off Ajman beach.

Colonel Ali Jabr Al Shamsi, Director of the Comprehensive Police Stations Department, Ajman Police, honoured Mohamed Magdy Hakami for his courage in saving a nine-year-old boy from drowning in Ajman beach.

What had happened?

Hakim was on the beach when he saw the boy in the sea waving his hand and asking for help. Apparently, the sea currents had drawn him deeper into the water.

Hakim immediately rushed into the sea and reached the boy who was struggling for his life. Fortunately, Hakim reached him just in time, pulled him out of the water and administered first-aid until the arrival of the National Ambulance Service personnel.

The boy was taken to Sheikh Khalifa Hospital, where they were able to treat him and stabilise his condition.

Community spirit

Colonel Al Shamsi praised the courage shown by Hakim in saving a person’s life. He further said that the honouring of Hakim for his act of valour was part of Ajman Police’s initiative in encouraging the community in helping others.

Colonel Al Shamsi handed a certificate of appreciation and a financial reward to Hakim.

He praised the role played by community members and their cooperation with the security services in helping those in distress

Hakami expressed his thanks to the Ajman Police, saying that what he did was a duty towards the members of society and their safety. He wished Ajman Police and its commander continued success.