TruFrut Natural Ice Cream is a unique concept in the world of ice creams. Our 100 per cent natural ice cream allows you to have the real fruit and not just the artificial flavour. The genuine fruit taste comes from the fresh fruits and nuts, plus the fact that only nature’s best go into the making of TruFrut Natural Ice Cream.

Moreover, state-of-the-art technology goes into preparing TruFrut Natural Ice Cream, ensuring that the fruit does not freeze even when going into the ice cream, hence maintaining its moisture content and texture by not forming fruity ice crystals. This allows you to enjoy the fruit the way it was meant to be.

Over the years our promise has been to only use the highest quality ingredients, by using the highest quality of milk with the support of our local dairy farm suppliers. This has remained consistent without the use of milk powders and stabilisers. This comes through in the texture of the ice cream, you want to feel the richness of the milk and the freshness of the fruit.

That being said, with our ever knowledgeable customers, the demand for healthier alternatives has risen. We have further increased our range to include vegan and sugar free options. Our vegan ice cream is also 100 per cent natural, made with creamy coconut milk and jaggery. Our range of flavours include but are not limited to mango, dates, chocolate and many more. These can be consumed by our clientele who have diabetes or want to control their weight. Additionally, the sugar-free ice cream is made with the best alternative, stevia. The star flavours of this range are Kesar Pista, Saffron Pistachio and Litchi.

TruFrut Natural Ice Cream’s motto remains the same, to deliver the highest quality of 100 per cent natural ice cream, made in the UAE.