Abu Dhabi: As many as 45 unmarked police cars will join forces with regular traffic patrol cars in the emirate to check on reckless motorists, Abu Dhabi police announced on Tuesday.

The addition of the unmarked cars to the patrol fleet comes as a measure to curb reckless driving, which could potentially injure or kill road users apart from causing damage to property, the police said.

The cars will patrol streets within and outside the city to monitor speeding and non-compliance of traffic rules and regulations.

Thirty unmarked cars will be added to fleet in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, 8 to the patrols in Mafraq area and 10 to Tarif.

"The objective is to not only to curb traffic offences, but to protect the lives of all road users and to prevent insensitive and dangerous drivers from harming others or causing property loss", Major General Nasser Al Nuaimi, director general of the Interior minister's office, said in a statement.

He added that the move is part of a wide range of efforts by the police to improve traffic safety.

"The unmarked cars include variety of models ranging from high end ones, including sports models and four wheel drives to low budget ones", Major Ahmad Salim Al Niyadi of the traffic department told Gulf News.

Increased undercover patrols will encourage people to act more responsibly and adhere to safety procedures, he noted.

To avoid residents recognising the vehicles, authorities have rented several vehicles. These vehicles are fitted with the devices that are found in regular patrol cars, like police radio, devices to check the driver's licenses and siren.