Cruise control over speeding
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Abu Dhabi: A number of secondary students have been driving their relatives’ vehicles to appear for their examinations, an Instagram post from the Abu Dhabi Police said on Tuesday.

Residents, both Emiratis and expats, have been noticing this practice for some years now, and it has only been increasing each term. By doing so, the students are not only putting their lives in danger, but also that of others, the social media post said.

These youngsters have been spotted around the premises of some schools.

Residents have raised questions about families who allow their under-age children to drive cars, the post stated.

“It’s not permitted for any vehicle owner to give his car to those who do not have a driving licence,” the police added.

The Abu Dhabi Police also made it clear that no leniency will be shown to those who drive with the vehicles of their relatives. They will be closely monitored and punished as per traffic rules, they added.