Dubai: Three individuals died and three others were critically injured in five separate accidents which happened across Ramadan's first three days, according to a chief traffic prosecutor.

A 19-year-old Gulf national man and two Asian drivers have been arrested for reckless and inattentive driving and killing two pedestrians and one passenger [who accompanied one of the Asians] and they are currently being questioned by the Dubai Traffic Public Prosecution (TPP).

Chief Traffic Prosecutor Salah Bu Farousha, Head of TPP, said the suspects who caused the accidents were immediately detained after the incident and were "questioned on Saturday by Traffic Prosecutor Jamal Shurafa".

"The three remain in seven-day provisional custody until further investigations… we have also consented families of the deceased to take their bodies. The five accidents happened during the first four days of the Holy Month of Ramadan between Thursday 3:30am and Saturday 12:20pm," said Bu Farousha yesterday.

On Thursday 3:30am, the Gulf national youngster drove inattentively without paying attention to road-users and ran over an Asian pedestrian and killed him in Al Qoz.

At 7:40pm of the same day, a 25-year-old Asian also drove recklessly and knocked over two pedestrians in Dubai Investment Park. One of the pedestrians succumbed to his critical injuries and the other was admitted to Rashid Hospital suffering critical injuries.

Four hours later, an Asian motorcyclist sustained severe injuries after he lost control over his motorcycle and rammed into the metal barriers of Dubai World Trade Centre Bride. Witnesses said the motorcycle skidded more than 150 meters.

The fourth accident happened early Friday [1am] when an Asian minivan driver hit a pedestrian. The driver forgot to close the doors properly. While driving, one of the doors accidentally opened and hit the pedestrian who was admitted to hospital suffering critical injuries.

Bu Farousha said, the fifth accident, happened on Saturday in Al Barsha when an Asian driver jumped a red light and hit another car. The other car's passengers escaped without injuries, meanwhile an Asian passenger, who accompanied the suspect, died in hospital.

The Chief Traffic Prosecutor said: "Accidents are expected to happen anytime. We constantly urge motorists and road users to be careful and law-abiding. Drivers should constantly pay attention to their safety and to that of other roads users. Attentive and safe driving is always a blessing."

Dubai Police's traffic committee will prepare technical reports on the accidents to be discussed during TPP's investigations, he concluded.