Sharjah will introduce road tolls for trucks from May 1. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Sharjah: Truckers will be charged Dh100 per trip at the new Sharjah toll gate on the Al Dhaid Road from May 1.

The Department of Public Works announced that the trial of the toll system will begin on April 15, two weeks ahead of the implementation and the collection of the toll fees.

The move is in line with an announcement at the Executive Council's meeting on Tuesday.

The toll gate has been installed on Al Dhaid Road with points of collection distributed over four lanes where the toll charges will be levied.

The department will soon announce the categories of trucks and heavy vehicles that will have to pay the toll and those that are exempt from the levy.

Signboards will be installed on the toll gate road before the implementation of the fees as part of the department's plan to educate the public about the project.

Studies and surveys

The department noted that the introduction of the road toll system for trucks came after many in-depth studies and surveys on the emirate's roads.

The large number of trucks using the main Al Sharjah-Al Dhaid Road has led to traffic congestion that badly affect light vehicles.