Al Ain: Seat belts have reduced fatal injuries and deaths on Al Ain roads, said a safety expert who evaluated the effectiveness of safety belt laws in the UAE.

Dr Mohammad Al Sadiq, a safety expert, advocated more active enforcement of the law, stating that the number of those who wear their seat belts is still low. The seat belt law was introduced in January 1999 nationwide.

"The seat belt legislation in the Eastern District of Abu Dhabi was associated with a significant reduction in morbidity," said Dr Al Sadiq, who is a researcher at the Roadway Transportation and Traffic Safety Research Centre of the UAE University.

The improvements have been noticeable among individuals who arrive alive at Al Ain hospitals following a motor vehicle casualty (MVC).

There is also a reduction in the severity of injury, admission rates to hospital, and the duration of hospital stay, he said.

"More active implementation of seat belt laws would most likely further reduce the severity of MVC injuries and fatalities," he noted.

Dr Al Sadiq and his fellow team of researchers obtained the data for their study from a major Al Ain hospital.