Dubai: Next time you hop on a taxi in Dubai you can choose to contribute Dh1 per ride for charity.

Meters in 7,000 taxis in Dubai have been upgraded to offer passengers the choice of contributing to the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) Dirham Khair initiative.

The initiatives is one of the seven launched under RTA Foundation and the proceeds from the elective donations will be directed to support humanitarian activities at the local, regional and international levels.

Launched last month, 34,945 passengers have opted to contribute to the initiative so far.

According to the RTA, the overwhelming support from passengers is a clear testament to the caring spirit shared by citizens, residents and tourists of Dubai.

“It reflects the solidarity and compassion of community members towards charitable and humanitarian causes. The overall objective of this initiative, is to lend support to cultural, educational and charitable activities associated with transit systems,” an RTA official said in a statement.

Launching Dirham Khair in 7,000 taxicabs gives each taxi passenger a chance to donate one dirham, over and above the applicable fare.

The Dirham Khair is also available on a separate page of RTA App, and Dubai Drive App, in both Arabic and English.

Motorists processing renewal of vehicle registration and driver license transactions or the payment of fines through the two apps can also donate one dirham only together with the service fees.

Following a good response to the initiative, the RTA is now considering to offer this service on all other taxis in Dubai.