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RTA receives its employees with firm precautions, thermal cameras, masks and gloves given away Image Credit: RTA

Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on Sunday said preparations have been completed for employees to resume full office duty at 100 per cent capacity.

It added that all precautionary health measures were in place to ensure a safe working environment under the prevailing challenges of COVID-19.

“Fifty per cent of employees resumed office duty under an initial two-week phase directed by the government. Employees showed a great compliance with the office guidelines and the applicable health protocols. Following the success of the initial phase, RTA is now readying for the return of all employees to office duties,” said Sultan Al Akraf, Director of Human Resources and Development, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, RTA.

“The precautionary health measures taken by RTA included sanitising the entire premises (offices, floors, lifts and facilities), sending circulars about internal and government measures, and holding virtual workshops about procedures to be observed upon return to office duties.

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RTA receives its employees with firm precautions, thermal cameras, masks and gloves given away Image Credit: RTA

It also addressed all scenarios of physical distancing upon the return of all employees, distribution of face masks and gloves to organisational units, and the operation of thermal cameras and heat detectors to scan employees at arrival.

Special rooms have been prepared for quarantine of suspected cases, a clinic will be ready to receive Covid-19 cases, and call centre will attend to inquiries and case reporting, Al Akraf said.

He added that the Dubai government’s decisions had been adhered to regarding certain categories to be excluded from the return to office work and instead continue remote work.

Such cases include pregnant employees, people of determination, and those with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, and weak immunity, based on approved government medical reports.

The exclusion also includes senior employees and women looking after children in grade nine and below until the end of the current school year, as well as women with children in nurseries, or others giving home care to those who need permanent healthcare, under the current emergency conditions.

“Employees made a great response to the health and safety measures and proved capable of shouldering their responsibilities in ensuring the safety of the working environment, maintaining performance levels, and realising the strategic objectives of RTA and Dubai Government,” said Al Akraf.