Abu Dhabi police have introduced a new mobile radar to catch speeding motorists. Image Credit: Supplied photo

Abu Dhabi: A total of 400 motorists were fined for driving dangerously in the emirate over the past two weeks, after being caught by the new radar system called "Sniper".

The new sophisticated radars have been installed in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region as part of a traffic campaign to curb reckless driving and crack down on motorists who drive over the speed limits, said Colonel Engineer Ahmad Hussain Al Harthi, Director of Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols department.

The mobile radar's became operational in the beginning of March.

Harsh punishments have been imposed on violators. A number of well-equipped civilian and military vehicles have joined the operation, in addition to regular patrol cars to book offenders in situ. "Reckless drivers not only endangering their own lives, but they endanger lives of other road users," Colonel Al Harthi confirmed.

Some vehicles were impounded as motorists were caught driving at dangerous speeds.

One of the motorists was fined for driving at a speed of over 204 kilometre per hour on Abu Dhabi highways.