Sharjah: Sharjah Police recorded fewer red light runners so far this year as compared to the same period in 2017, said police on Monday.

The violations showed a decrease compared with 2017 figures.

This year, police recorded 4,665 violations during the past eight months, in comparison to 6,837 violations recorded during the same period in 2017.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Alai Al Naqbi, director of the Traffic and Patrol Department, said jumping the red light is one of the most serious traffic offences that often results in deaths or grave injuries.

When a vehicle moves forward against a red light, the motorist is placing himself in front of oncoming traffic from the other direction which can lead to extremely serious collisions leading to fatalities, police said.

Most of the violations recorded were a result of speeding and motorist attempting to cross junctions before the signal turned red.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Naqbi said despite police warnings about the dangers of jumping the red light, motorists still repeat the violations.

According to the amendment of the Federal Traffic Law, any motorist who jumps a red signal is fined Dh1,000, given 12 black points, and his vehicle is impounded for 30 days. and Dh3000 fine for heavy vehicles

He called on motorists to improve their behaviour on the road, especially when it comes to driving at traffic signals.

Lieutenant Colonel All Naqbi attributed the decrease in violations to awareness campaigns launched by the police

2018: From January 1 to September 10

■  A total of 4665 motorists jumped red signal
■  Heavy vehicle jumping Red signal 51
■  Light vehicle jumping red signal 4613
■  Motorcycle jumping red signal 1

2017: From January 1 to September 10

■  A total of 6837 motorists jumped red signal
■  Jumping red signal 5437
■  Heavy vehicle jumping Red signal 57
■  Light vehicle jumping red signal 1337
■  Motorcycle jumping red signal 6