Abu Dhabi: The maximum speed limit on a number of Abu Dhabi’s highways will be changed from December 2, the Abu Dhabi Police announced on Wednesday.

From December 2, the maximum speed limit will be 140 kilometres per hour on some of the emirate’s external highways, without the grace speed of 20km per hour.

All the roads are located in Al Gharbiah, the western region of Abu Dhabi. These roads include Suweihan-Al Heer Road (E20) from Madinat Military Zayed Roundabout to the Truck Road Interchange on (E75); on the same highway of E20 Suweihan-Al Heer Road from Truck Road Interchange on E75 to Al Heer region; Ajban-Al Saad E16 road from Al Ajban Palace Roundabout to Al Saad region and Al Ain-Al Qoah E95 highway.

The speed limit changes are applied only between the stretch of the roads mentioned above, the police said.

Signboards with new speed limits will be installed on these roads.

The buffer of 20km per hour was already removed by the emirate a few months ago, making it mandatory for motorists to follow the limits mentioned on the speed signboards on each road.

The new speed limit amendments are being implemented after a number of studies on road accident indicators and density of traffic movements on these roads, to achieve the best road safety standards.

The police urged motorists to follow the new speed limits, to ensure road users’ safety.