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Sharjah: Get ready for an automotive extravaganza in Sharjah.

The first Sharjah Classic Cars Festival will roar into town on February 2. The venue is yet to be announced. The three-day event promises more than just a display of vintage vehicles. Hosted by the Sharjah Old Car Club, the festival is a celebration of the world's automotive heritage.

Discussions with owners of the UAE's rarest vintage cars and interactive workshops will be a feature of the event that will include food truck areas at the venue. It's not just about cars; it's a blend of history, entertainment and culinary fest, the organiser said.


These activities aim to facilitate sharing of success stories and expertise for families, professionals and hobbyists.

The festival with the slogan “More Than Just Cars” offers an opportunity to delve into the history of the oldest vehicles owned by SOCC and other UAE collectors. Participants will have the chance to interact with experts and indulge in educational and recreational activities.

Annual event

SOCC President Dr Ali Ahmed Abu Al Zoud said the festival is a movement celebrating the region’s history through its vintage cars.

“We chose the slogan to reflect our belief that vintage cars are more than just vehicles; they are chronicles of human history and evolution and a source of inspiration, particularly for the youth, who are driven by innovation and distinction. Through the festival, we aim to offer a holistic experience encompassing educational, recreational, and commercial dimensions, making the festival a socio-cultural and economic gala.”