Image Credit: Francois Nel/Gulf News

Dubai: Residents are unlikely to forgo their cars on ‘Car-free Day' because viable alternatives are lacking, Gulf News readers say.

Dubai Municipality has encouraged its staff to use the Metro and public buses to get to work tomorrow. They hope to set an example to others as well.

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Aliasgar Dohadwala, a sales director, praised the "green concept", but said he would find it impossible to get through his work day without his car.

"I can't do business using the public transport system," he said.

Dohadwala, who has never been on the Metro, lives in Deira and takes 40 minutes to drive to his office in Bur Dubai.

Asked why he does not use the train between the two destinations, he said the Metro had "too few stops".

He said he would much rather use his car because it is convenient.

Mary Blackwell, who lives near Al Barsha, agrees.

The business planning manager works at the airport and leaves home at 6:25am. She takes about 20 minutes to drive to her office.

In order to get to work by public transport, Blackwell said she would first have to drive 15 minutes in the opposite direction and park at Nakheel Harbour and Tower Metro station.

In order to catch the train, she would have to leave home at 5:40am.

"I am not prepared to get up an hour earlier than I already do," she said.

"I would much rather sit in the car."

Nasser Iqbal, a public relations manager, faces a similar problem. He takes about one hour to get to his Jebel Ali office from his home in Sharjah.

Iqbal said using public transport would be inconvenient.

First, he would have to find a parking spot for his car at Al Rashidiya Metro station, which would be "a hassle".

Then, he said he would have to stand in the queue for the train. After getting off at Nakheel Harbour and Tower, he would have to hire a taxi to reach his office.

"I am scared I will not reach the office on time," Iqbal said.

He said he would be tempted to use public transport if the Metro's network is widened.

"But at the moment, I prefer my car."

Can you live without your car? Will you try using public transportation tomorrow? How would you go about it?