Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Traffic and Patrols Directorate has cracked down on vehicle owners for not adhering to tyre safety regulation and issued 8,709 fines in the last six months alone.

Violators have been slapped with a fine of Dh500 each, four black points and the impoundment of vehicles for a week.

Abu Dhabi Police called on the vehicles owners to check the validity and safety of tyres periodically to avoid accidents and to follow the correct steps in the replacement and purchase of tyres according to approved specifications.

Major Abdullah Al Qubaisi, head of the traffic control department at the directorate, revealed that the main causes of tyre explosion during the summer period are the usage of expired tyres, not maintaining adequate air pressure in the tyre, overloading and frequent long-distance drives.

“We advise drivers to use good tyres and follow the correct instructions provided for safety, and do periodic checks for air pressure and expiry of the tyre,” said Al Qubaisi, who also added that Abu Dhabi is also involved in a campaign ‘Summer without accidents’ in partnership with Al Masoud Tyres Company to inspect vehicle tyres.