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Claire and Fauzan share Dh1 million with one other winner Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Two expats who won the Emirates Loto on Saturday say the timing could not have been better.

Filipina expat Claire Anthonette Ocaya, 33, who works for Sharjah Duty Free took home Dh333,333, which translates to 4.5 million Phillippine peso, and is now considering quitting her job and returning to the Philippines for good.

“I may start a business and save a good chunk of my win for my child’s future education,” she said. “I am waiting for flights to reopen. I will take a decision to quit and go home after few months,” said Ocaya, who earns Dh4,000 a month as a sales assistant.

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Claire with her husband and son Image Credit: Supplied

“The number was picked by my son, he is lucky for me. I feel blessed and have so much gratitude for the win,” she added in reference to her two-year-old son, who along with her husband, is in Dubai on a visit.

Ocaya also plans to help some UAE-based work colleagues who are financially in need and a senior citizen back home in Philippines.

Indian expat Fauzan Deshmukh, 30, who shared the Dh1 million Emirates Loto win with Ocaya and another UAE expat said part of it will go into settling a debt.

Working as a sales manager for a freight forwarding company, Deshmukh said, “I was getting worried about how I would settle my debt. This has come to me like a blessing.”

In reference to his wife and two children back home in Mumbai, India, he said, “This win is big for us.”

Deshmukh, entered the draw online in Abu Dhabi by selecting his favourite numbers. He was totally clueless that he had won the scheme when organisers called to inform him about it.

“I am still in shock, I just can’t believe my luck. When I was told over the phone that I had won, I nearly cried in disbelief. I am so thankful that I have been helped and I can’t wait to help others once I have made some arrangements,” he said.

The third winner of the Dh1 million scheme is a 66-year-old woman from Pakistan, who did not wish to be identified. She is visiting her son in Ajman and has been staying here following flight cancellations. She told the oganisers that she wants to use her winnings to support her family, in particular her daughter who has four children and tragically lost her husband a few years ago.

With no jackpot, this coming weekend’s rollover of Dh50 million will be available for anyone who matches six numbers out of six in the draw.

The prize will remain at Dh50 million every week until at least one person wins the jackpot.

The next Emirates Loto live draw will take place on Saturday, May 9 at 10.00pm.