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Image Credit: Pixabay

Ajman: Ajman Police are calling on gym owners to install lifeguards after an Emirati man drowned in the emirate on Saturday.

Humaid Al Mandoos, 21, had been preparing for a swimming lesson in Al Jerf when he drowned in a deep area of the pool.

A swimming coach has been charged with negligence over the incident for failing to correctly monitor the pool. The case has been referred to public prosecution.

Brigadier General Abdullah Ahmad Al Hamrani, Deputy Commander General of Ajman Police, said the incident occurred during the evening while the instructor was too busy to notice that a young Emirati man had fallen in the pool.

By the time anyone got to the man he had already been in the water too long to survive and attempts to help him failed.

Al Hamrani stressed the importance of having lifeguards on duty in all Ajman gyms and leisure centres to correctly monitor those who want to learn how to swim, especially in the summer months when pool use increases due to the heat.

The incident follows on from a long line of recent drownings in the UAE, especially among youngsters and young adults.

A 17-year-old Emirati boy drowned at Umbrella Beach in Fujairah on Monday, while an 11-year-old Indian boy drowned on his first day of a swimming lesson in Sharjah last week.

In February a landmark decision was made in Sharjah when a school was found guilty for negligence and ordered to pay blood money in the case of a 4-year-old Emirati who drowned after a swimming lesson last November, and in June twin two and a half year-old Emirati boys drowned in a villa pool in Fujairah.