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Picture for illustrative purpose only - Jumeirah Park Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Residents in New Dubai have reported a rise in break-ins and vandalism over recent weeks and are calling on community developers to improve security after a double murder of an Indian couple in Arabian Ranches last month.

Preety Tawakley, a resident of District 4 in Jumeirah Park, told Gulf News, she experienced an intruder in her home on July 14.

“My husband and I had stepped out to run some errands in the evening at around 6pm and two men rang the door bell. My house-help who was alone at home answered the intercom. They told her they were handy men who knew gardening and carpentry work and would like to do some odd jobs.

“My maid felt uneasy and told them they did not need such jobs now. After five minutes they rang the bell again, opening the front gate, insisting they want to see the garden. My maid was alarmed and let the dog out and when he started barking, the men ran away,” said Tawakley.

“The same night at around 10pm my house-help stepped out to lock the front gate. She spotted men covered in black masks and wearing hand-gloves. She screamed and this prompted us to come down. The men got scared and ran away.”

Tawakley said her maid claimed they were the same people who had try to enter the premises earlier in the day.

“She recognised them from the clothes they were wearing,” she added.

Tawakley has now called upon her community’s developer to introduce gates and step up security in the area.

“Anyone can enter the area as there is no security or gate at the entrance of the residential clusters,” said Tawakley.

“We need to have proper gates, security and CCTV cameras on the streets.

“Ever since the incident, I have taken steps to upgrade our locks and install CCTV cameras.”

Rebecca Rees, a spokesperson from the developer, Nakheel, said, “Safety and security is our priority at all Nakheel communities. Our security patrols are on duty 24 hours a day at Jumeirah Park and all other Nakheel communities across Dubai, and, following residents’ feedback, we are exploring ways to heighten our security presence.

“We also urge residents to immediately report any security-related incident to us or the police so it can be handled appropriately and efficiently.”

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Picture for illustrative purposes: The Villa, Dubailand Image Credit: Supplied

Elsewhere, a property owner in The Villa, Dubailand had her car vandalised, and another owner in the area had two gas cyclinders stolen from his garden.

Neither wished to be named but the first said the incident had been captured on CCTV and was reported to the police, while the second said, “My villa is rented and at the time of the theft, I was in between two tenants.

“My previous tenant was moving out and preparations were on to get the villa ready for the new occupant. The gas cylinders were placed in the garden so which means the perpetrator opened the garage door and entered my villa premises and stole the cylinders. We alerted the security and were informed to keep our doors locked at all times.

“It is definitely the hand of someone working in the community. They must have observed my tenant shifting things from the villa and took advantage. Most of the time when people are vacating homes, they keep the garage and main door open for the sheer convenience of taking things out. Obviously even that is not safe now.”

A third Villa resident reported an intruder inside their villa.

“Someone got into the backyard and sidewalk. Luckily we have cameras. We activated the siren and the intruder fled the scene,” he said.

A spokesperson from Dubai Asset Management, who handle the community, said, “The safety and wellbeing of our residents is of the utmost importance and a number of measures are already in place to ensure that The Villa community is safe and secure.

“Earlier this year, we installed additional CCTV surveillance cameras at the gatehouses, and recently have included further community patrolling shifts during the evening.

“We are also working on a public awareness campaign to inform our residents of the importance of practicing necessary safety measures in and around their properties.

“We are confident that together, with the support of our residents, The Villa will continue to be a safe community to call home.”