Sharjah auction
Sharjah Police and Emirates Auction to offer new package of distinguished number plates on November 16 Image Credit: Emirates Auction

Sharjah: Do you fancy a unique number plate for your vehicle?

Here is your chance to get one as the Sharjah Police are offering a new range of distinguished number plates at an auction in the emirate.

Sharjah Police, in collaboration with Emirates Auction, will hold a public auction on a new package of distinguished vehicle number plates on Satuirday, November 16, at Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Centre in Sharjah.

Some 50 private vehicle plates with distinctive numbers will be available for bidding.

The special plates on offer include: one single digit vehicle number plate, four numbers of two-digit number plates, 16 three-digit number plates, 16 four-digit number plates, and 13 five-digit number plates.

Among the most prominent vehicle number plates is number ‘9’ as this is the only single digit number plate available for bidding starting from Dh1million.

While the other distinguished vehicle number plates featured in this auction are; (16), (88), (25), (444), (343), (6000), (1111), (6666), in addition to several number plates that may refer to favoured dates or numbers for a large number of those interested in acquiring vehicle number plates of a particular significance.

Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, said: “The online auction comes in response to the wishes of a large number of citizens and residents who are looking to acquire distinguished vehicle number plates.”

“Principles of transparency and equal opportunities are our goals at Sharjah Police and we are striving to instill these principles in all of our duties and services for community members.” Added Al Shamsi.

Abdullah Matar Al Mannai, Chairman and Managing Director of Emirates Auction, said: “We are expecting that this auction will attract a considerable number of those wishing to secure distinguished number plates for their vehicles.

“We also expect that the one-digit number plate (9) will set a new record in the sale value,” added Al Mannai.

Bidders, who are entitled to have an unspecified number of vehicle number plates, must deposit an insurance check upon registration and they are required to come well in advance of the auction commencement.