Stock Sharjah skyline Corniche
The Sharjah Corniche. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche/Gulf News Archives

Sharjah: Sharjah City Municipality has launched a campaign to crack down on vehicles and motorcycles that carry eyesore advertising. Such vehicles mostly belong to delivery companies and do not comply with the specifications set by the municipality.

This campaign comes in line with the civic body’s efforts to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the city. Sharjah Municipality has detected many vehicles and motorcycles that carry random advertising for food establishments and companies. This illegal advertising distorts the appearance of the city, officials said.

Khalid Al Shamsi, Director of the Property and Investment Department, said that the municipality is working to follow up on all billboards and the advertisements displayed on them and to ensure the correctness of what was stated in the advertisement in terms of sound and correct language and the appropriateness of the content to the culture of the community.

Periodic campaign

He pointed out that this campaign continues periodically as the inspection teams follow up and monitor all vehicles and motorcycles that carry billboards and ensure that they comply with the specifications and requirements.

Meanwhile, Ali Al-Amiri, head of the outdoor advertising department, confirmed that the municipality organised campaigns throughout the year, including campaigns on directional panels and others on motorcycle stickers, on vehicle stickers, on rental plate ads on building facades, and those on transport vehicles parked in main squares. Also included in the campaign are vital streets and traffic lights, through which some services are promoted, such as moving furniture in violation of and distorting the public appearance, and other campaigns.

He pointed out that there are vehicles and motorcycles carrying billboards for food establishments, companies or other institutions that distort the public appearance due to the lack of attention to their cleanliness and lack of clarity, such as discolouration over time or the exposure of parts to damage. The municipality is keen to make their owners aware about the need to renew them and take legal measures. Inspectors will take legal action against the violator if he does not respond.