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A person in jail. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Sharjah: Sharjah Charity Association has cleared financial dues totalling Dh500,000 of 25 prisoners at the Punitive Rehabilitation Centre in Sharjah, a top police official has said.

The dues were cleared under the “KARBAA initiatives” being carried out by the association in cooperation with Sharjah Police to release prisoners detained for financial crimes and to enable them to join their families.

Brigadier Ahmad Shuhail, Director-General of Sharjah Punitive and Rehabilitation Establishments, hailed the Sharjah Charity Association’s support. He said the gesture reflected its significant role in ensuring social protection and empowerment, as well as enhancinag solidarity and cohesion among all segments of society.

Brigadier Shuhail said: “The Sharjah Charity Association spares no effort in supporting the centre’s goals in achieving its mission in the reform and rehabilitation of inmates.”

He said the association on humanitarian grounds takes care of the needs of the inmates in accordance with the policies adopted by the Ministry of the Interior, which are in line with international laws related to human rights.

He said the facility always seeks, through working with its partners, to put in place community initiatives and programmes that enable convicted persons to settle their cases and facilitate return to their countries after providing them with tickets.

Abdullah Sultan bin Khadim, Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of the Sharjah Charity Association, said the association works throughout the year to pay off debts of the inmates, and allocates Monday of each week for the public to help them.

“We feel the suffering that is in the hearts of those sentenced to prison for not being able to pay their debts. The society must take the initiative in accordance with its charitable and humanitarian approach to help these groups end their suffering and join their families, and in coordination with Sharjah Police provide society with the list of cases of detainees,” he added.

The prisoners thanked the association for its kind gesture.