Elham Al Abed, principal of Scholars American International School, Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Supplied

What is the USP of your school?

In keeping with ADEC’s and our school’s mission and vision, we aim to provide children with the best possible education. Perceptions are formed at a very young age and at SAIS we will ensure that opportunities are provided and created for pupils to develop creatively and critically with a strong emphasis on UAE culture.

Are admissions open?

Yes, we have parents coming daily and seeking enrolment. This year we are open K-6, but in the coming years we will expand to Grade 12.

What is your curriculum like?

SAIS follows an American curriculum for English taught subjects and the MOE curriculum for Arabic subjects. Our curriculum is stimulating within a healthy and safe environment. We have modern classrooms equipped with smart boards, specialised rooms and laboratories, a gymnasium and a pool - all within a contemporary campus.

Where do you see your school in terms of cost vs quality?

Our school fees are very reasonable. The tuition starts at just Dh29,500. We offer excellence at every level and have the best and most advanced facilities available to support our dynamic curriculum. Individual learner needs are catered for and pupils are allowed to develop at their own pace.

How do you ensure your teachers are happy?

All staff are qualified and are specialists in their subjects. They are given a competitive salary with many benefits. Professional development and training is on-going and opportunities are provided for staff to advance professionally and excel.