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  • Reader raises his complaint with telecom company. 

I have subscribed for du Home Light package under Wavo offer with 12 Mbps Unlimited browsing High Speed Internet plus Mifi router and Data Sim, 2000 landline calls and Humax H3 TV device with 100 plus channels.

After I subscribed for this package I was informed at the time of installation that TV box is not available and will be provided later. Now I am told that my subscription package is not entitled for Humax TV box. However, the flyer clearly mentions otherwise. Further, the router provided free is of cheap substandard quality and started giving problems within days of installation. After complaining numerous times on customer care call centre and writing mails, the problem was addressed after 10 days. Du engineer who attended the complaint informed me that since the router is not up to standard the problem will recur and so he reconfigured the connection on my personal router.

Kindly take this issue up in your publication so that other consumers are aware of this issue.

From Mr Mustafa Tarwala

A spokesperson from du responds: In response to Mr Mustafa Tarwala’s query regarding their du Home Starter – Light service, upon receiving the customer’s initial report regarding their account situation on December 4, 2018, we have liaised with the relevant internal departments to accommodate the request. As a result of this review, we have since communicated with the customer on the timelines of OTT box availability. We now consider this case closed. We regret the inconvenience to the customer.

Mr Tarwala responds: I did receive a call from du representative and they agreed to provide me OTT box and also look into router problem. With this assurance, I confirm the issue being resolved and sincerely thank Gulf News for giving consideration to my request and raising up with relevant authorities.

(Process initiation: January 16. Response from organisation: January 21. Reader confirmation: January 21)

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