More than 40 representatives from Abu Dhabi’s licensed houses of worship attended the event Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Clerics from various religions attended an iftar held by the Department of Community Development (DCD) at the Abrahamic Family House, Abu Dhabi.

Dr Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, chairman of the DCD, attended the iftar, alongside 45 representatives from Abu Dhabi’s licensed houses of worship.

As the regulator of places of worship in Abu Dhabi, the DCD seeks to strengthen cultural and intellectual diversity, and uphold values such as tolerance among the community.

The DCD said that the iftar with clerics reflected the solidarity between various segments of society. By attending, they were able to experience an important aspect of Ramadan and learn more about UAE culture.

Abu Dhabi embraces many different nationalities and the DCD said that its role is to bring about harmony among them, in line with its vision to provide a good quality of life for all members of society.

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New institution

The Abrahamic Family House is a new institution dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and the practice of faith. Encompassing a mosque, a church, a synagogue, and a forum designed for gathering and dialogue, the mission of the Abrahamic Family House is rooted in the UAE’s enduring values of uniting people and cultures.

The clerics also appreciated the initiative, which served as an acknowledgement of their integral part in society, and showcased how the iftar embodies the commitment to enhancing cultured communication with others.