Dr Tarek Khammas Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Domestic accidents involving children could happen for various reasons, according to experts and psychiatric specialists, pointing out that children might need specialised help and treatment to eliminate factors that lead to accidents.

"There are several factors behind these accidents, parents' negligence and ignorance and in some cases children could be impulsive and hyperactive jumping from one place to the other," consultant psychiatrist Dr Tarek Khammas told Gulf News.

"If this is the case, there are treatments to reduce this hyperactivity.

"I don't think there is a need for punishment by law to parents, as these accidents were not intentional.

Raising awareness

"Rather, awareness sessions are deemed more appropriate for the parents as ways for prevention, or health sessions to deal with hyperactive children if this is the case."

Consultant psychologist Dr Dolly Habbal said: "Parents should know that children are reckless and can't predict the consequences of their actions, opening windows is easy so some safety measures should be installed.

"Parents need to monitor their children constantly and make sure to prevent them from watching certain cartoons like superman that instill in children the idea that they can fly.

"Relevant authorities should foster awareness among parents."