Mohamned Adil Khan
Mohamned Adil Khan, the winner of the Emirates Draw Fast5 Grand Prize. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Mohamned Adil Khan from Uttar Pradesh, India, was named the mega prize winner of the FAST 5 draw at a press conference held on Thursday.

He stands to get Dh25,000 a month for 25 years.

Khan is an architect by profession working in Dubai.

The mega prize winner is an architect by profession working as an interior design consultant for a real estate company in Dubai.

Khan said he is grateful for the win and said it comes at a very important time.

“I am the sole bread earner for my family. My brother passed away during the pandemic and I am supporting his family. I have aged parents and a five year old daughter. So the extra money comes just in time. “

Khan was announced winner on July 22.

“I received a call from Emirates Draw organiser. I was left pleasantly surprised. I also told my family and they could not believe it either. They said to double check the news for its authenticity.”

From the humble village of Azamgarh in Lucknow, situated approximately 800km from India’s capital, New Delhi, Adil Khan is a family man with a five-year-old son, He faced many hardships in his upbringing. However, his drive to make a positive change in his community fueled him. His strong commitment to education and his helping nature led him to assist his classmates in their studies, earning him the respect of his village. Noticing his potential, his well-off relatives funded his higher education.

Persistent and strong-willed, he overcame his challenges and became an architect. His professional journey brought him from Saudi Arabia to Dubai in 2018. Despite earning a modest income, Mohd stayed true to his values, regularly contributing to charities. He firmly believed in giving back to society and helping those less privileged.

Adil Khan faced a tragic loss when he received the devastating news of his 35-year-old elder brother’s loss due to Covid-19. In his heartbreaking words, Mohd shared, “The loss of my brother left a deep hole in our lives. He was the primary source of income for our extended family back home, and it became my responsibility. It was a challenging time for us all.”

Despite this immense burden, Mohd displayed extraordinary courage by stepping forward to financially support his late brother’s children during this crisis.

Separated by vast geographical distances, he was deeply concerned for his family, especially his ageing parents, knowing they would be in a vulnerable position after the loss of his brother. With emotions running high, he expressed, “Life is very unpredictable. Earlier, I wished to be united with my family here in the UAE and it became a necessity after losing my brother. Although I missed them, financially it was not possible to have them live here with me.”

Paul Chader, Head of Marketing, Tycheros which organises Emirates Draw, said: “We are glad to announce our first winner for FAST 5 in less than eight weeks if it’s launch. The reason why we call it FAST 5 is because it is the fastest way to become a multi-millionaire.”

He added that the idea behind staggered payments is to secure the winner.

“This sort of prize win ensures a regular pay out for the next 25 years to the winner,”  he said.