Emirates Draw winner
From left: Damanjeet Singh, Sujith Ozhinhala Veetil and Mohammad Ishaq. Image Credit: Supplied

Emirates Draw's reach doesn't just span regions, it transforms lives. This past draw saw lucky winners from India, Qatar, and Pakistan, highlighting the game's international appeal and impact.

A daughter's lucky touch

For 37-year-old Damanjeet Singh, winning the Dh250,000 MEGA7 Second Prize wasn't just luck, it was destiny guided by his 8-year-old daughter. Since her birth, good fortune has followed him - promotions, bonuses, and now, a life-changing windfall. "My daughter even picked my Emirates Draw numbers," he shares, with gratitude for her lucky touch. This win fuels his dream of starting his own business, creating a new path inspired by his precious daughter.

Winning with purpose

Mohammad Ishaq, a 40-year-old dentist from Islamabad, believes his Dh50,000 FAST5 Guaranteed Prize is a gift with a purpose. The win has led him beyond dentistry, towards a copper and granite mining enterprise. "Sharing is my way of giving back," he declares, dedicating half the prize to his family and the rest to his staff. Discovering Emirates Draw in 2023, he plays regularly, often choosing random numbers with a fondness for the lucky number 9. Watching the live draw on Instagram, he missed his grand prize numbers. Minutes later, an email confirmed his unexpected win!

Winning while napping

Imagine winning big while catching a nap? That's Sujith Ozhinhala Veetil's incredible story! Awoken by missed calls and messages after his nap, this 37-year-old discovered his Dh25,000 FAST5 Guaranteed Prize win. Originally from India, he now lives in Doha, Qatar, and has been a loyal Emirates Draw participant since its launch. While he had won small amounts before, this was his first major victory. Despite being a regular live draw watcher and email checker, it was ironically during his break from these routines that luck struck! His winning combination? A mix of his daughter's birthday and a personal lucky number.

The stories of Singh, Ishaq, and Veetil embody Emirates Draw's mission: "For A Better Tomorrow," changing lives with hope, opportunity, and the power to fulfill dreams, across borders and cultures.