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Pakistani Consul General Ahmed Amjad Ali is welcomed by Omar Baloch and Chaudhry Khalid Hussain at the Baloch Cultural Day in Sharjah Image Credit: Abid Akhtar Qureshi

Sharjah: For the first time in the UAE, the Pakistani Baloch community showcased their culture with traditional dances, songs and music.

Balochi musicians and singers mesmerised people gathered to celebrate Baloch Cultural Day on Saturday at the Pakistan Social Centre in Sharjah. This year the day was also marked on March 2 in Balochistan province in Pakistan and wherever the Baloch live including the Gulf countries, Europe and US.

190304 Baloch Cultural Day in Sharjah
Balochi musicians performing at the Baloch Cultural Day in Sharjah Image Credit: Abid Akhtar Qureshi

Clad in traditional outfits and wearing trademark ‘huge’  turbans, Baloch community members danced to folk music. They also undertook some numbers that are normally performed during wedding ceremonies.

190304 Balochi community members
A group of Balochi community members clad in tradition dress of Balochistan during the Baloch Cultural Day celebrations in Sharjah Image Credit: Abid Akhtar Qureshi

Musicians played instruments such as flutes, locally called Tambora and Soroz. They also performed a folk dance known as Dochaapi where the participants move in a circle clapping their hands while making unique dance patterns.

The guests were also treated to special Balochi cuisine.

The organiser of the event, Omar Baloch, who is a social worker and prominent Baloch community member in the UAE, said that the aim of celebrating Baloch Cultural Day is to revisit the image of Balochistan, which is often considered as a rugged and tough region. “Balochis are tough people but at the same time, they follow strong cultural and traditional values. Balochi music and dances show that we love brotherhood and friendship,” he said, adding that Balochis have always contributed to the development of Pakistan and stood by the armed forces of the country playing important role in the province.

190304 Omar Baloch
Omar Baloch during the performance by the Baloch musicians at the Baloch Cultural Day event at the Pakistan Social Centre in Sharjah Image Credit: Abid Akhtar Qureshi

He said that by holding such events, they were trying to protect and promote the Balochi culture and language.

Speaking at the event, Ahmad Amjad Ali, Consul General of Pakistan, said Balochi people always make great sacrifices for their country. He said that the government is currently working on major development projects such as Gwadar Port and CPEC — China Pakistan Economic Corridor. “These projects will bring prosperity in the province and provide jobs and business opportunities in Balochistan,” he added.

Baloch community members performing their traditional dance at the Baloch Cultural Day event in Sharjah

Ali appreciated the Baloch community in the UAE for their role in the development of their country.

Chaudhry Khalid Hussain, president of the Pakistan Social Centre, said that the centre provides equal opportunity to all community members including ethnic groups to showcase their cultural activities and hold community events. “We always support cultural and literary programmes as part of our agenda to bring together different communities under one roof and bridge gaps,” he added.