The handheld device being used on a patient at Kaya Skin Clinic to deliver energy in the underarm area to fuse the sweat glands Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai clinic has launched a new technology which it claims can put an end to the problem of sweaty, smelly underarms without any side effects.

Dr Rosanne Dalgado, specialist dermatologist at the Kaya Skin Clinic, said the technology, called Kaya Sweat Free, is backed by miraDry, a US-FDA approved technology that blocks the sweat and odour glands in the armpits.

But isn’t it harmful to interfere with nature’s ways?

“No,” said Dr Dalgado. “The armpits have only two per cent of the body’s sweat glands. The technology we use inactivates these glands as the heat from the device fuses the glands. The sweat produced is distributed in other parts of the body.”


The procedure to deactivate the sweat glands is done under local anesthesia. “We first apply a numbing cream and anesthetise the armpits. We use the non-invasive handheld device to deliver controlled electromagnetic energy to the specific area where sweat glands are located. The sweat glands then become deactivated.”

Each armpit takes 20 to 30 minutes and a session costs Dh7,500-Dh8,000.

The doctor said Kaya Sweat-Free can reduce 80 per cent of sweating and odour in the first session, and the results are permanent. A follow-up session can take care of the rest.

miraDry, the technology Kaya Sweat-Free solution is based on, harnesses the power of microwave energy. It projects a beam of energy to the underarm region while at the same time offering comfort through a hydro-ceramic cooling system. The process is painless and removes underarm hair in the process.