Dubai: The Ministry of Labour on Wednesday passed a decision regulating the termination of UAE nationals in the private sector.

According to the decision, the sacking of Emiratis working for the private sector is to be considered unlawful if the worker has not violated the labour law.

The termination will also be considered unlawful if expatriates are doing the same job that the sacked Emirati used to do.

Humaid Bin Deemas, Acting Director General at the ministry, said the new decision is aimed at outlining the rights and duties of both employers and UAE nationals in the private sector.

"The decision is here to regulate the termination of UAE nationals working in the private sector and does not give immunity to UAE nationals from being held accountable for their performance," said Bin Deemas.

The company will have to notify the ministry 30 days in advance in case of terminating an Emirati, according to the decision.

After the notification, the ministry will enter into a discussion with the employer and employees and try to investigate the reasons behind the termination, and based on that the ministry will inform the company of the requirements within 15 days of the notification.