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Dubai: 2020 is looming up as a milestone year for the country and looks like it also marks a upward trend for salaries and job prospects in the UAE - based on a report by Robert Half, a recruitment and consultant agency.

The report states, "The majority of chief executive officers (CEOs) in the Middle East are struggling to find qualified talent to fill open roles." The trends of hiring and paying have changed drastically in the region and around the world. Digitisation, political and economic factors, innovation goals etc. affect what companies look for and are ready to pay for.

Most in demand skills

In the new digital-first hiring scenario, according to the report, three key-skills are in high-demand.

- Technological understanding (63% of respondents)

- Communication skills (52%)

- Technical know-how (51%)

In addition to this, the boost to entrepreneurship in UAE has in turn made qualified accounting and finance talent scarce. " 32% of small businesses in the UAE are struggling to hire the accounting talent they need," the report adds.

Salary and perks

While UAE businesses are looking to hire talent, the report claims many may not be able to increase or maintain salary bands. However, many companies are using perks to sweeten the deal for talented professionals. Major perks companies seem ready to offer include flexible schedules, work-from-home options and shorter working hours.

41 per cent of hiring CFOs in the survey say training is a major perk being offered, especially in the finance and accounting sector. The report also states, "For 13% of employers, salary is a barrier to securing the top professionals."

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Here are a few salary bands to expect in 2020

All these bands are annual salary in an SME business, according to the report. 

Management Accountant ≥5 years’ experience: US$79,300 to US$113,000 [Dh24,000 to Dh34,500 per month]

General Ledger Accountant ≥5 years’ experience: US$69,400 to US$112,000 [Dh21,200 to Dh34,300 per month]

Chief Accountant: US$75,000 to US$135,000 [Dh23,000 to Dh41,000 per month]

Financial Planning and Analysis Manager: US$82,200 to US$123,500 [Dh25,000 to Dh37,700 per month]

Finance Manager: US$103,000 to US$165,000 [Dh31,500 to Dh50,000 per month]

Management Accountant ≤5 years’ experience: US$61,400 to US$99,400 [Dh18,800 to Dh30,400 per month]

Payroll Manager: US$74,200 to US$99,300 [Dh22,700 to Dh30,400 per month]

General Ledger Accountant ≤5 years’ experience: US$64,900 to US$89,300 [Dh19,900 to Dh27,300 per month]

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Manager: US$68,000 to US$107,400 [Dh20,800 to Dh32,900 per month]

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Accountant: US$29,500 to US$69,300 [Dh9,000 to Dh21,200 per month]

Business Analyst: US$65,400 to US$81,700 [Dh20,000 to Dh25,000 per month]

IT Security Analyst: US$55,600 to US$114,400 [Dh17,000 to Dh35,000 per month]

IT Security Engineer:  US$82,000 to US$130,200 [Dh25,000 to Dh39,800 per month]

HR Recruitment Specialist: US$39,200 to US$58,900 [Dh12,000 to Dh18,000 per month]

These figures are based on a published industry report. This does not reflect any laws or regulations and is solely based on surveyed trends in the market.

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