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Dubai: India on Monday made a series of changes in e-tourist visas, the Consulate General of India announced.

“A 30-day (short term) double entry e-visa for tourists has been intrioduced with a fee of $25. This is applicable for travel between July and March.” Neeraj Aggarwal, press consul, CGI, told Gulf News.

The same 30-day double entry visas fees for off season travel, between April and June, would however, cost $10.

He said a multiple entry e-tourist visa of medium duration with a validity of one year now costs $40, while a long term, five-year multiple entry entry visa costs $80.

entry visa costs $80.

In effect, the validity of the regular e-visa with a fee of $80 has been increased from the current permissible one year to five years with multiple entry.

The Indian Government first introduced an online tourist Visa (e-Visa) for 43 countries in November 2014. This was done to promote travel to India without necessitating a trip to the embassy or waiting in long lines at border control. The following year, India rolled out its e-Visa programme for more countries. In April 2017, the e-Visa programme was retooled, with the introduction of visa sub-categories for tourists, business travelers and medical visits.

Currently, travelers from more than 160 countries can apply for a tourist e-visa, business e-visa or medical e-visa, depending on the purpose of their visit to India. Travelers who use the e-visa programme can apply, pay a fee and receive their electronic visa online before undertaking their travel to India.

Aggarwal said, “Visitors can get all the details by going to the authorised website”

New e-tiourist visas at a glance
Short term (July-March): 30 days (double entry) --- $25

Short term (April-June): 30 days (double entry) --- $10

Medium duration: One year (multiple entry) -- $40

Long term: Five years (multiple entry) -- $80

To apply, go to: