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Dubai: UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi has shared his first post after returning to Earth from space, reassuring everyone of his health.

“I am in good health,” stated the 42-year-old who spent six months aboard the International Space Station for the longest Arab space mission.

UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi (centre) with his father Saif and Hazza Al mansouri
Back on terra firma: UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi (centre) with his father Saif and pioneering UAE astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri. Al Neyadi is back from the International Space Station after a six-month mission, during which he performed numerous scientific experiments, and the first-ever spacewalk by an Arab. Image Credit: Social media

A day after splashing down to Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Jacksonville in Florida, US, Al Neyadi shared images of special moments of his return to Earth and stated, “From Earth to Space & back!”

The astronaut, who spent 186 days in space, wrote “with gravity under my feet,” highlighting the stark contrast between the microgravity environment of space and the gravitational force in our home planet.

He had also spent seven hours and a minute in the zero gravity of outer space outside the International Space Station (ISS) during the first-ever spacewalk by an Arab.

He penned the message with “warmth in my heart from all the love and support you all have shared.”

He expressed heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of love and support received from friends, family, and a global community, thanking everyone for being part of the journey with him.

Al Neyadi also conveyed his desire to meet his dear ones. “Friends, I’m in good health and looking forward to meeting you all very soon,” he added.