These expats in Dubai have modest jobs, but big dreams
Faces of expatriates in the UAE. Image Credit: File/Gulf News

Dubai: Can 10 million people trust a country?

That's the simple yet poignant question ⁠— and appeal ⁠— of a new campaign launched by #UAENationBrand geared towards the great multitudes of expatriates who live, and work, and have their being in the UAE.

It's the season of trust. Of mutual encouragement in a country, and the world, facing a generational challenge.

"To trust means being there not just during your best days, but there during your darkest," the Youtube campaign states (uploaded on April 7, 2020).

The video shows the different facets of expatriate life in the Emirates and then homes in on clips showing the mobile COVID-19 drive-through test centre.

It's an appeal for solidarity: "We stand here in solidarity in the country we call home. In the leadership we unequivocally trust. In the nation that has given us new beginnings."

This is the place we belong

"This is the country where we have built our dreams. Our hopes. Our life. This is the place we belong. This is where we feel safe."

"At a time when the world is facing the biggest challenge in many generations, the UAE has been strong and authoritative in its bid to protect all its citizens."

"UAE residents have followed each new directive in recent weeks for one principal reason – trust."

"It’s the same trust that has helped the country grow into a global force. It’s the same trust that has put UAE on the world map. It’s the same trust that instils pride in all of us to be part of this great nation.

"This is the story about the trust every citizen of the UAE has in its governance and the decisions that benefit us individually and collectively as a community.

The community that is trying to stay positive knowing and keeping its trust in the nation and workers who are ensuring our safety.

"It’s the same trust that has guided the UAE through these challenging times and the same trust that will see the country emerge from the crisis even stronger than before. You have all given us that trust - and we will be sure we deserve it."

"Play your part. Encourage the community around us to trust the country."

Certainly, in moments like these, hope, trust and love of the UAE among expatriateds and nationals is a message worth sharing.