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Dr Vivek Karan, Consultant Neurologist, Thumbay University Hospital elaborates on why one ought to sign up for preventive screening.

One of the best things people in the UAE can do for their health and well-being is to get screened for any serious conditions before they happen. Often, dangerous conditions do not show clear symptoms until they become severe. A timely and regular diagnosis can not only keep one informed about their health, but also set one’s sights on any potential complications in a timely manner.

In essence, that’s what preventive health is all about, and medical experts across the globe recommend adults and children to participate in routine tests, screenings, and immunisations.

Dr Vivek Karan

Thumbay University Hospital, the largest private academic healthcare provider with the most advanced surgical facilities, has a dedicated team of highly experienced and expert doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel who believe that cost-effective quality care should be within everyone’s reach.

What’s more, these preventive health services provide significant health benefits and are covered by most insurance companies. In addition, for those who don’t have insurance covered can avail the Dh200 package at Thumbay Labs for the screening of 83 parameters including Complete Blood Count (CBC) Liver Function Tests, Kidney Function Tests, Lipid Profile, Whole Blood Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1C), Serum Vitamin D Total (25 OH), Vitamin B12 (Serum), Thyroid Profile, Fasting Blood Sugar, Iron, Testosterone, T3 T4 and Urine Routine.

Those with a family history can also take effective measures to lower their risk of developing specific conditions. For instance, if a close relative (like your mother, father, or sibling) has a health condition like diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, you’re considered to have a family history. Some of the important preventive screenings include:

(a) Screenings for breast cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer: These are some of the most common cancers affecting men and women, and early detection can stop them from spreading or worsening.

(b) Screenings for blood pressure and cholesterol: These screenings can help detect common metabolic conditions that can be treated with medication and lifestyle changes. If left untreated, they may lead to serious disease and premature death.

(c) Screening for Neurological and Psycho-social Evaluation in elderly age group helps in early diagnosis and disease prevention.

(d) Screening for diabetes and its complications like neuropathy with the help of nerve conduction test, retinopathy can be diagnosed with fundus and optical coherence tomography and nephropathy requires urine analysis and serum creatinine.

(e) Immunizations: There’s a widely accepted myth that vaccines as something kids need, but adults need to stay on top of their vaccines too. Vaccines recommended for adults include annual flu shots, tetanus, influenza and Herpes.

(f) Doctor Consultation: Annual visits to the doctor can not only help you manage a chronic condition, but also motivate you to make healthy lifestyle choices such as quit smoking, balanced diet, developing an exercise routine or to screen for bone, vision, and hearing.

Thumbay University Hospital provides round the clock healthcare services, where the doctors and nurses are available 24x7 to respond to medical needs.