Participants at the event in Dubai. Early detection can increase the cure rate to 95 per cent, experts say. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai : In conjunction with the International Month for Breast Cancer Awareness, which falls in October every year, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) Women’s Committee hosted the 11th Pink Caravan, organised by the Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) under the theme ‘Powered by You’.

The caravan held awareness sessions in English and Arabic, which were attended by more than 200 female employees from various divisions. The sessions raised awareness on ways to prevent breast cancer and the role of early detection in increasing the cure rate, which has reached 95 per cent. The Pink Caravan’s specialised team also conducted instant medical examinations and provided vouchers for mammograms to the participants.

National efforts

Fatima Al Jokar, Chairperson of the Women’s Committee at DEWA, said: “In line with the directives of DEWA’s top management, DEWA Women’s Committee is keen to participate annually in the Pink Caravan. We support the national efforts to instil the culture of early detection and regular checkups in the community, to enhance the health and quality of life of society members.”

Aysha Al Asam, Vice-Chairperson of DEWA Women’s Committee, said: “DEWA Women’s Committee promotes health awareness among female employees, encourages them to undergo early checkups for breast cancer, and informs them about how to detect it and the procedures to be followed if it appears.”