Shahram Nabili, CEO of Health Call Image Credit: Supplied

Since its inception in 2007, New Health Call JLT has provided people with what they needed the most – medical attention in the comfort of their homes.

With its license for home care, Health Call offers a range of services, from booking doctors, nurses and even midwives for housecalls to more advanced treatments such as IV therapy. Clients can avail these services without the hassle of driving to a hospital or waiting in long queues at a healthcare facility.

“Our speciality and area of focus is intravenous (IV) therapy,” says Shahram Nabili, CEO of Health Call. “IV is nothing new, but we specialise in offering treatments that are tailor-made to the needs of the patients. For example, if a pilot is suffering from jet lag, an IV therapy will leave him feeling refreshed.

It’s helpful for heavy gym users as well, as it provides them with necessary amino acids. “If you are not feeling right after a late night out, a drip of IV can help you attend that early morning meeting without any worries,” he says, while discussing the benefits of this therapy.

Health Call provides all these things with the added benefit of a nurse visiting your home to perform the IV therapy for you. “No one likes sitting in a hospital with needles on their hands, especially if they can get the same services at home for a reasonable price,” adds Nabili. In addition to IV therapy, Health Call also provides a unique Oxygen Bar service in select UAE hotels.

“Oxygen Bar, or Oxygen therapy, can be used by hotel guests for 20 minutes, during which they can inhale 95 per cent oxygen. This therapy helps increase energy, stamina and metabolism, and hence is extremely popular. While the major effects of the therapy are visible in the first two hours, its overall impact lasts for 24 hours," says Nabili.

Health Call is currently creating a new device for sleep therapy that can be easily installed at home. The device can monitor sleeping and breathing patterns of users, analyse the problem, if any, and provide a solution.

Health Call also provides standard clinic services at both of its branches at Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Healthcare City. It also offers 24x7 services that can be booked in advance.

Health Call aims to expand its reach in the UAE with additional branches in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.
For more information visit healthcall.ae

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