NAT 6 year old Reem and 9 year old Bana-1623151495641
6 year old Reem and 9 year old Bana, among the first kidney transplant recipients. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Mohammad bin Rashid University (MBRU) conducted the first-ever kidney transplant in Dubai on June 8, 2016 that has paved the way for 25 successful kidney transplants in the last five years.

The procedures have saved the lives of many suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), including little children with congenital kidney problems. In an Instagram Post, the MBRU team sent out a message of hope to the community to commemorate the medical milestone.

First cadaver kidney transplant as well

This was not just the first kidney transplant but also the first cadaver kidney transplant where a 29-year old woman was the recipient and has been able to lead a normal life since then. The surgery was conducted under the MBRU transplant programme in collaboration with the Mediclinic City Dubai Health Care City (DHCC).

NAT MBRU Kidney Transplant team-1623151502051
The MBRU kidney transplant team. Image Credit: Supplied

Dr David Hickey, a transplant surgeon and former director of National Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Programme in Ireland, conducted the surgery along with Dr Farhad Janahi, Assistant Professor at MBRU and Consultant Urologist at the Mediclinic Hospital.

25 kidney transplants in five years

The first transplant opened the doors for organ transplants in Dubai, particularly cadaver organ transplants. This enabled many kids with congenital kidney disease undergoing dialysis, to be able to have successful kidney transplants.

The first girl to receive a cadaver kidney was 9-year old Bana Nizar Husain from Sudan, who was born with a single kidney and was undergoing dialysis. The second was six-year old Reem suffering from a congenital condition too. Both transplants were conducted at the Al Jalila Children’s Speciality Hospital in 2018 and are reportedly leading a normal life. In the last five years, the programme has benefited several community members with 25 kidney transplants have been carried out by the MBRU transplant team.

‘An initiative which transformed people’s lives’

On the special occasion, Dr Janahi one of the leading team members on the transplant team told Gulf News, “I have been blessed to have been part of this historic achievement that paved the way to the start of deceased donation and multi-organ transplantation in the UAE. Today under the MBRU programme, we have conducted 25 successful kidney transplants improving the quality of life of many patients suffering from end-stage Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and undergoing regular dialysis. My message to all is never underestimate an initiative that can transform people’s lives. At MBRU, with the help of like-minded passionate colleague, we believed in it and made it happen.”