Indian actress Mamta Mohandas who is a cancer survivor, opens a cancer hospital in Dubai on Monday. Alisha Moopen, Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare also seen along with hospital staff. Image Credit:

Dubai: Responding to the growing demand for prolonged cancer care in the post-pandemic scenario, Aster DM Healthcare has launched on Monday a wide-spectrum oncology centre in Dubai.

Cancer survivor, Mamta Mohandas, leading film actor from South India, inaugurated the Centre.

The Centre, which will have a medical oncology and surgery unit will accept all insurance cards, will provide treatment to a variety of adult and paediatric cancers such as breast, lung, liver, colon, colorectal, stomach, prostate, brain, leukaemia, cervix, kidney, pancreas, oesophagus, ovarian sarcomas and other common and rare cancers. Many of these cancers require surgical intervention, which needs to be carried out at an early stage to save patients’ life from progression of the disease.

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Dr Pranay Taori, specialist medical oncologist, will lead the department of oncology and will have Dr Sivaprakash Rathanaswamy, Consultant Surgical Oncologist on board, along with members of the ‘Tumour Board’ from around the world.

Highly beneficial

Alisha Moopen, Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare said: “We sincerely believe that the multidisciplinary approach being introduced by Aster Hospitals would prove to be highly beneficial for cancer patients in the UAE.

“Mamta’s battle against cancer is an inspiration to the world, and particularly cancer patients who can learn from her courage and willpower to perhaps navigate a dangerous, uphill phase in her life and come out victorious.”

Tumour board with global oncology experts

One of the major highlights of the cancer Centre is the inclusion of a Tumour Board (TB) that will have multidisciplinary global oncology experts.

Commenting on this, Dr Sherbaz Bichu, COO of Aster Hospitals and Clinics said, “The TB facilitates multidisciplinary treatment approach since it works as a sharing platform for a number of doctors from various medical faculties to review and discuss the medical condition and treatment options for a patient.”

Commenting on the opening of the Centre, Mamta Mohandas said: “The comprehensive oncology Centre has the right combination of medical interventions with compassionate and personalised approach, which is what makes a difference in treating cancer patients.

Human touch

“Frontier treatment procedures do make a huge difference in treating cancer, but each patient fights his or her own battle, and it is important to bring a human touch to any treatment that brings a world of difference.”

The treatments being offered currently ranging from hormonal to immunotherapy, targeted therapy, as well as chemotherapy provided by the best-in-class available clinical expertise and reconstructive e surgery along with personalised care catering to the growing needs of patients.

The Centre also plans to include a radiation therapy at the Centre soon.