The Dubai Health Authority posts Instagram guidelines on how to take care of elderly people
The Dubai Health Authority posts Instagram guidelines on how to take care of elderly people Image Credit: Screenshot/Instagram Dubai Health Authority

Dubai: The coronavirus pandemic has affected countries all around the world. While anyone can catch the virus, COVID-19 affects older people more severely as a probable weaker immunity will not be able to fight the virus as effectively.

So, how best do you take care of an elderly person? The Dubai health Authority answers the question in an Instagram post.

How to care for the elderly?

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) took to Instagram and uploaded a series of posts to explain to residents how elderly people, those 65 years and above, should be cared for.

According to the government authority, “elders should remain at home” and avoid crowded places and gatherings. Family members living with elderly people must wash their hands and keep clean in order to keep the home environment germ free.

Coronavirus can spread through droplet infection, which is why people all around the world are staying home, avoiding crowded places and wearing face masks, to avoid the spread of the virus.

It is essential to maintain social distance from elders and avoid “kissing them” on their hands or face. Elderly people need to maintain a healthy diet and get enough sleep. If they require doctor visits, their appointments should be conducted through a “virtual doctor consultation” so that they are not unnecessarily exposed to the virus.

If elderly family members do not live with family, members should check on them through calls and social media to ensure they aren’t alone and are keeping healthy. Many people are feeling isolated and cut off from friends and family, and this is affecting people’s mental health.

Having a strong immunity is key to fighting the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re prone to getting sick, you need to eat the right food to build on the weak immunity.

Food given to older family members needs to be “well-cooked and easy to eat”, they should have enough water in their diet. Their diet should be balanced and should have enough vegetables and proteins.

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