Dubai: In the spirit of Ramadan and in order to help people deal with the abrupt changes in their diet and sleep pattern as they fast, Dubai’s RAK Diabetes Centre has initiated a month-and-a-half-long free lifestyle and diabetes screening and awareness campaign for UAE residents.

The camp, which offers a comprehensive diabetes check, cholesterol check and diet consultation aims to help people make a smooth transition to a health-friendly Ramadan diet, and then later return to regular meals with the least possible discomfort.

Starting on May 17, RAK Diabetes Centre in Jumeirah will offer screenings until June 30 for blood sugar levels, blood pressure and BMI among other indicators besides lifestyle wellness check-ups and consultations. The walk-in camp will be open from Saturday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm, while patients can fix a prior appointment for a dietician consultation.

The lifestyle coach and diet consultant will individually guide patients towards cardiac care, diabetic solutions, weight management, exercise programmes, stress and sleep management and smoking cessation solutions.

“This year, the duration of fasting will exceed 13 hours and, with the soaring temperatures typical of UAE summer, the energy levels are bound to dip a lot,” said Dr Raza Seddiqi, CEO of Arabian Healthcare Group, the umbrella orgnisation of Dubai’s RAK Diabetes Centre, Jumeirah, “This is why it’s essential that people keep tabs on their blood and cholesterol health, whether they’re diabetic or not. In fact, this is also a great opportunity for non-diabetics to assess their blood sugar levels and take appropriate measures in case the levels are high. The camp is especially beneficial for those diabetics who plan to fast since they need proper guidelines to ensure a suitable diet and advice on preparing meals before, during and after the month of Ramadan.

As a corporate social responsibility initiative, RAK Diabetes Centre conducts an annual screening programme during Ramadan to assist and guide people in adopting healthy dietary choices that they can follow throughout the year.