American Hospital Dubai has introduced the most advanced diagnostic technique for breast interventional procedures at its Breast Care Clinic, the contrast-enhanced breast biopsy. The hospital is the first private healthcare provider in the Gulf and the Middle East to offer this state-of-the-art procedure for breast cancer detection.

This latest technique integrates traditional biopsy techniques with contrast agents to enhance the visibility of suspicious lesions that may not be visible in mammograms or ultrasounds.

American Hospital Dubai’s Breast Care Clinic offers women the best and most advanced breast care treatments. It has introduced the contrast-enhanced breast biopsy to expand the horizons of diagnostic precision, offering a critical edge in result-oriented breast cancer treatment and management.

When detecting malignancy, speed, accuracy and greater visual clarity are indispensable for prompt treatment planning, and the type of diagnostic tool plays a pivotal role in identifying the extent of cancer’s presence. Contrast-enhanced breast biopsy is a cutting-edge diagnostic technique that involves administering an iodine-containing solution to a patient either intravenously or by injection. The iodine solution travels around the body’s tissues, showing up as a contrast in a medical image of the affected tissue or organ. The contrast is due to iodine’s atomic number, 53, being higher than the atomic number of body tissues.

When imaging the breast, tissue density can sometimes make it challenging to obtain a clear picture. However, the contrast-enhanced biopsy method overcomes this challenge with the contrast areas that offer superior imaging and broader visualisation, helping doctors diagnose malignant cell growth or breast cancer more accurately. It results in precise cancer staging, which is crucial for appropriate treatment methodologies.

Contrast-enhanced breast biopsy, with its speed, clarity, and greater diagnostic accuracy, is a superior (practical) alternative to other methods, such as MRI-guided biopsy.

American Hospital Dubai’s Breast Care Clinic is committed to offering the most effective and compassionate breast care by continually enhancing its medical technology and treatment protocols. Its launch of the contrast-enhanced breast biopsy is another milestone in its cancer care excellence, raising the bar for the most favourable outcomes in oncological treatments.

Dr Kinda Douaidari, Breast Imaging Radiologist and Director of the Breast Clinic at American Hospital Dubai said, “Contrast-enhanced breast biopsy, a cutting-edge diagnostic technique, enhances precision in breast interventional procedures. A specialised diagnostic procedure, it is designed to improve the precision of breast imaging sampling. It integrates traditional biopsy techniques with contrast agents to enhance visibility and accuracy to sample suspicious lesions that may not be seen clearly in mammograms or ultrasounds. It also elevates diagnostic accuracy and patient care and can replace MRI-guided biopsy with all its inconveniences.”